Yo Soy Indigo is an original Prague-based group formed around Emily Thiel, a singer, songwriter, and guitarist from Connecticut, USA, whose vibrant and often personal songwriting goes hand in hand with her powerful vocal performance and the brilliant assembly of the other members. The band itself was born out of a jam session in a crumbling factory in 2014, and has grown to what it is today: a mish-mosh of wonderfully weird, international musicians with blazing solos, soulful melodies, deep lyrical expression, and an ample serving of humor. The band calls itself "freak-folk-jazz", which just scratches the surface of the free-flowing genres they explore. Yo Soy Indigo’s first studio album was released in May of 2018 and is available on most digital music platforms.

Members include:

Emily Thiel, (USA) - vocals, guitar, songwriter

Mark Newson, (UK) - keys

Adam Pospíšil, (CZ) - violin

Fredrik Janáček, (SWE) - bass guitar

Dušan Černák, (SK) - drums

William Valerián, (CZ) - alto and soprano saxophone

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